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Harry Potter's Sweet 16 Party

...and never been properly kissed.

Sweet 16 . . .and never been kissed properly
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Welcome to Happy Sweet 16, Harry Potter community.

annearchy and I were bemoaning our lack of ideas for fics when a crazy thought hit.

Our favorite British boy turns 15 on 23 July. Our favorite British fictional boy turns 16 (theoretically) on 31 July, or whenever his creator/mother finishes Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince.

Turning 16 has significance in British culture. At that age, teenagers may drink, leave school, work, and a host of "other things." Our Dan Radcliffe said in the interview with Empire mag that he can't wait to turn 16 so that he can do "other things". We won't presume to define what those "other things" are, but perhaps we can come up with some "things" for Harry Potter.

Harry is turning 16. What would Harry do now that he is of age in British culture (but not in the Wizarding world--he still has a year to go.) Let your imagination run wild, and canon be damned!

We both hate word limits and prompts, so you won't find any of those things here. However there needs to be a deadline. Anne & I think you should let your creativity run wild until September 1, which is when Harry and the gang return to school. However, the community will remain open, so feel free to write/create and post when the Muse whispers in your ear.

FICS and ART are accepted. Any pairing, as long as Harry is in it (Hey! It's his party!) Het, slash, trios, orgies--whatever stirs your grits, floats your boat, and otherwise provides Harry with one fantabulous, boss, and helluva good time.

Use the LJ-CUT when posting.

Give proper warning if your fic/art is rated R or NC-17 and why.